Haber's Tonic Syrup was born out of curiosity. A connoisseur of gin and tonic was simply seeking the best he could find. A thorough sampling of commercial tonics left something to be desired. A chef by trade, the next step was simple: make it. Roughly a dozen batches and many happy friends later the perfect tonic was agreed upon.

Haber’s Tonic Syrup is handmade in small batches. It is an all natural blend of citrus along with simple and exotic spices and herbs. No high fructose corn syrup is used.

Enjoy Haber’s Tonic Syrup at home or on the go. Each 250ml bottle makes 12 to 16 standard bar size drinks depending on your taste.

Now of course Haber's Tonic Syrup is not just for gin — it pairs excellently with vodka, rum, and bourbon as well. Does your favorite bar not serve Haber's Tonic Syrup? Simply order your liquor of choice with soda water and add your own Haber's Tonic Syrup. Look for our limited edition seasonal tonic syrups coming soon.